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Quinta da Jardinete - Barrica de Carvalho Superior 2018 is finalist on the list of «7 Maravilhas de Portugal 2021»

Azorian Wines  2017 Tasting:


Quinta da Jardinete Chardonnay 2011 has won Gold at the 2013: 

»1º Concurso de Vinhos tranquilos das Ilhas do

Atlântico/Macaronésia (Açores, Madeira e Canárias)».




For Guided tours, please use the booking form above!

We will tell you about the growing season of the vine and show you around the winery too. We will explain, how grapes are transformed into wines and, of course, a glass of wine is included.

To buy wine directly please call:

+351 968 617 382


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