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From small Beginnings...

Quinta da Jardinete is a small boutique family owned Estate of about 5 ha, that was originally planted in 1989, producing classical style wines that express the qualities of our terroir,  that is our vulcanic type of soils, microclimate, and vineyard management. Our vineyard is located at 37º 50' North latitude in S.Miguel Island - Azores. We are the first commercial winery on the Island of S.Miguel to produce quality wine.

In the earliest years, before we came into production, we were searching for a name for the vineyard.

The name came from a litlle old house sitting on the top of the Hill, on the highest point of the property, to which the local people use to call »Jardinete». 

It all started with small experiments, trial plantings of a diverse range of varieties have been planted in an effort to develop unique regional style. 

All wine is made on site from estate grown fruit and the family does the majority of the vineyard and all the winery work. There is no blending of grapes from other areas or regions and there is no manipulation to increase or decrease colour, flavour or alcohol. Our wines are an expression of our vineyard terroir and the particular vintage.

Right from the start we have had only one objective, and that is to produce the very best wine we can.  So there have never been any limitations on the amount of time and effort which is put into grooming the vines to produce the very best grapes we can. 

Most of our wine is sold to local customers and selected restaurants throughout the Island.

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